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2023-04-14 enerzijds voor schermen.png

Project in close collaboration with Martine and Luc from interior design shop Knoopschat 

StadB arose from impressions during my daily journeys through Brussels: impressive stairwells, shining light in a drenched street, street furniture, countless windows: the connection between inside and outside.

Taking into account the philosophy of the design store, I developed a series of 5 drawings aimed at a twofold graphic realization. Art prints on dibond on the one hand and decorative cushions of various sizes on the other.

Limited edition: maximum 10 prints per drawing regardless of surface.

Exclusively available at Knoopsschat Spoorweglaan 13, Aalter.

Thanks to Kunstkring Altra for the initiative for the kunst-wandel-parcours.

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